Catching up

A few items of good news.  THE HALF WIVES is scheduled for publication in Spring 2017.  I have a new editor at HMH because my wonderful editor Jenna is leaving.  I will miss Jenna, but I’m delighted to be working with Nicole.  I’m starting novel #3 (or #4, or #5, depending on how one counts these things).  Getting a new project off the ground = slow going.  I work in the early morning, just about every morning, for an hour or two before going in to work.  Sometimes I work at night.  Always on weekends.  How many hours depends on how inspired I feel (usually, not very), how guilty I feel (usually, very), and how happy I feel (these days, pretty darn good).  The writing is the thing.  The finding of the story.  I will spend my whole life, whatever that is, trying to figure this out.  That’s a good thing.

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